Social Media to supercharge your professional development


Social media is a fantastic way to super charge professional development. I’ve been on a 5 month extended work (and professional development) break. Two weeks before starting my first assignment I decided to super charge my learning through Social Media.

Switching on and tuning in

By spending at least 30 minutes a day on social media both consuming information and interacting with others on social media, I was able to dust off the cobwebs and switch my mind back into work mode. Being a new mum I have little time to read professional development books. I also work remotely from home and therefore don’t often see colleagues in the same learning and development space. Social media is the perfect solution for me as I can get overviews from thought leaders fast through their blogs and posts and I can also bounce ideas of others without the logistics of meeting in person. It helps me stay connected and relevant.

Keeping up to date

Social Media is essential for keeping up to date with the latest news, developments and trends in learning and development. For example, this week just happened to be international Working Out Loud week #WOLweek and there were heaps of gems being shared about this. This week Articulate also released their new version of Storyline 360 and very soon after the announcement tweets and blogs were out on social media sharing what the new tools can do.

Professional development plans

This year I plan to be more active on Social Media as I’ve found it so valuable to get back up to speed. It would be useful to refresh after Christmas break too. As part of my professional development I plan to spend time each day on social media (15-30 minutes) with both consuming information and also to interact and comment on at least one post/conversation per day. I also plan to get more active with blogging again with at least one post per month.

What are your plans with social media? Do you consider it necessary for your professional development? If you’re reading this post I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts.

A few gems

And here are some social media gems I found this week: