Becoming a digital nomad

My last post explained that I’m experimenting with working remotely from another country – Digital nomad technology. Well now I’ve arrived, got settled, and have already completed a few weeks of work. Here’s how it’s all going:

If there’s anything you would like to ask about my learning journey as a digital nomad please ask.

3 thoughts on “Becoming a digital nomad

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  2. Hi Lorraine – you make it look so easy! I’ve got 2 questions. What do your neighbors think about what you are doing work wise ( not talking about the rooster! )? Do they assume you’re on extended holiday or is what you’re doing becoming more common? Also – are the other digital nomads that you’ve met self employed or salary/waged workers?

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    • Hi Miranda – good questions thanks.

      There are a lot of expats staying in this area who do a variety of things, from running business such as adventure tourism, and working on the internet in a variety of roles.

      Most of those with internet based roles have their own businesses either contracting back to their home country (or other countries), or developing their own IT products/websites. It is also common for expats to live here 6 months of the year then return home to do it all over again.

      I think my neighbours although they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Vietnamese, would know I work on the internet. It is a very open community based culture, nothings private. For example, I know how our electric bill compares to the expats previously in our house, and to the other expats in the area!

      What I’m doing is not out of the norm here and locals would have seen expats come and go. As for is it becoming more common – well the internet enables this global lifestyle so might be a wait and see if this happens more often? With the tools and opportunities for easy global communication, I think it will!


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