Monthly inspiration – Powerful stories for change

Old Way, New Way

We all know the basics of structuring a story so it has a beginning, middle and end and some sort of plot, challenge or problem. But what is the difference between a story that misses it’s audience and a story that resoundingly connects with people enough for them to take on the story and even make changes because of it?

I’ve been inspired by Nancy Duarte’s Ted talk that simply explains common features of great communicators and how they connect and with their audience. In short Nancy explains how people are brought on a journey gradually. She idenifies a formula of flitting between the present truth and future possibility and how this toing and froing can move people towards accepting and adopting the ideas to work towards the future state of bliss.

This technique could work not only for training, it could also work for coaching conversations or even in personal situations helping someone to move forward to change.

I hope her Ted talk inspires you as much as it has me. I can think of multiple ways to use this model both for training and learning and for beyond.

View her Ted talk here:

I’d love to hear your thoughts – follow me to hear more of mine.

Happy holidays – Lorraine

And the Duarte site for extra inspiration

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