Coding individualised feedback in Storyline

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In a recent project I wanted to give feedback that was more than just a result of a single choice selected in an elearning scenario. Instead I wanted a way that remembered an individual’s series of choices over different slides to later provide them with feedback about each choice they made. This way the learners would feel as if the feedback was specifically tailored to them. I did this by coding in Articulate Storyline.

Storyline is much easier to code in than Captivate and is well worth the investment to get you started.

In the Storyline example below, coding enabled me to give individualised feedback to the learner at the end of the activity – dependent on the choices they made on previous slides. The activity was to write a system (file) note and the learner received feedback once they had constructed the whole note. Unfortunately I can’t show you the final version as it’s proprietary, however, this first prototype with placeholder content should give you an idea how this individualised feedback could work.

Want to know how to replicate this? I’ve put together a guide that you can print out and takes you through the code step by step. Why not try it out yourself?

Coding individualised feedback

This code and individualised feedback design could work well for incremental activities or skills. What activities could you use this coding for? What techniques do you use to make your elearning feel more personalised?

I’d love to hear your ideas and examples, follow me to hear more of mine.

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