Wrapping up your elearning

Imagine a dear friend buying you a beautiful thoughtful gift but running out of time to wrap it and just handing it over in an old plastic grocery shopping bag. What a difference it would have made taking the time to wrap it nicely. The same goes for an elearning course – just a small amount of time and effort in thoughtful presentation and implementation makes a large difference.

Wrapped gift

Have you paid attention to how you’re going to present your course, or is it a last minute rush to just get it up and ready to go? Here are some things to consider before the delivery deadline that will make a difference to how your elearning course is received.

Communication and marketing plan

I’ve heard of wonderful asynchronous courses being developed only to find out six months down the track that hardly anyone has completed them. Often this is simply because no-one knows the course is there – a small oversight with a large impact. If you’re going to spend effort in designing and developing a course, it makes sense to spend some effort in making sure that people know it exists. Ask – how will potential participants know that a particular course is available and ready to access?

Utilise already existing communication channels in your organisation. Let potential participants know the course is available through the company intranet, bulk emails, messaging through managers or other methods relevant to your organisation. Also by using several communication channels you’re more likely to reach as many of your target audience as possible.

Everyone in your target audience should know about the course and where to access it.

Also consider how you’re going to market the course. How will you build curiosity, anticipation and motivation. How are you going to pull people in to complete the course?

Reduce barriers to accessing the course

Make the course as easy to access as possible. Reduce the amount of steps, reading, clicks, and logins required to access the course. No-one has the time or inclination these days to spend their time searching for a course, it needs to be easy to find and access.

I recently looked at a well designed course in Articultate Storyline. Unfortunately before entering this course, the LMS page provided screeds of unnecessary text and reading describing the course. I was literally bored and had turned off before even entering the course. There is no need to describe a course indepth before accessing it. Only give the minimum information necessary before the course. Your audience does not need to know all the learning objectives of the course (snore) – just how the course is relevant to them.

In summary the elearning design does not finish as soon as course design is finished. Consideration also need to be given for how the course is communicated, marketed and accessed. Remember to fully wrap up your course – it’s worth that little bit of extra effort.

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3 thoughts on “Wrapping up your elearning

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  2. Excellent post. I make the communication strategy part of the initial project plan. We also use auto-enrollment as a means to super simplify users access to the course. Of course this means people act surprised when they are told they can enroll themselves in additional training! But the AE process guarantees an easy, fluid, no brainer user experience getting into the course.


    • Thanks for you comment Epiphany. You bring up an excellent point about also making the online enrollment process as open and easy as possible. I agree wholeheartedly in making it simple and open. The less hoops and admin to jump through the better.


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