Writing learning objectives: how to use them


Writing good measureable learning objectives takes skill but once you’ve written your learning objectives, what do you then do with them? Here are some ideas to make the most out of them:

Share them with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

By sharing your learning objectives with your SMEs you can check they are correct and precise. Invite your SMEs to review them to make sure the right behaviours are being learnt. Do this upfront and you will prevent rework later.

Use them for course flow

Use the learning objectives to plan the flow of course. What learning objectives are pre-requisites and therefore require to be learnt before the other learning objectives? Or do the learning objectives happen in a natural sequence and you can plan the course mirroring what would happen in the real life?

Use them to plan interactions and learning activities

The verb used in a learning objective will give clues as to what type of interaction and practice task would be most relevant and suitable for the that learning objective. For example, verbs such as match, categorise, and order, may suit a drag and drop activity. Whereas verbs such as explain, and discuss, may suit an online forum type of activity.

What type of verbs do you think would lend themselves to branching scenario interactions?

Use them to build assessment

It’s logical to use learning objectives to build the assessments. Afterall the learning objectives are the precise goals for what learning should be taking place! Use them to measure if the intended learning has actually occurred.

Use them to check the structure of the course is complete

Do you have content and practice activities covering each learning objective? Have you assessed the learning for each learning objective? Does any of the content or assessment need to be removed as it’s outside the learning objectives for the course?

What are your thoughts on using learning objectives?

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